My name is Peter Turner and I am an Online Affiliate Marketer.

OnlineAffiliateMarketer.com is a website I put together to show people looking for a way to make some extra money from home how they can do just that by selling other people's products on the internet.

Anyway, if you are looking for a realistic way to create a sustainable online business, you might find something here that actually helps you – especially if you're thinking of trying affiliate marketing or you have already been promoting affiliate products but haven't yet reached a stage where you are earning a regular income from your efforts.

If you are not already bored stupid from reading this then please read on and I will tell you a little bit more about my background and why I decided to create an online business.

Before I took up online marketing I was a qualified chemist (chemicals not pharmacy) and most of my career was spent as a hazardous waste specialist. Up until I had kids the lifestyle suited me pretty well. There was a lot of physical and outdoor work involved so the job kept me fairly fit and I got to see a lot of interesting new places as I travelled about in the van a lot.

However when my wife and I became parents it started to bug me a lot that I was doing 12 or more hour days a lot of the time and I wasn't seeing enough of my kids. Also the money was OK but it wasn't commensurate with the level of risk involved in handling dangerous chemicals and driving so many miles each week. I was getting less money than managerial types who were (as far as I could see) just having coffees and meetings all the time.


I decided to go out on my own so that I could make what I thought I deserved. I launched my own hazardous waste business and…

found myself a lot poorer for it 🙁

It turns out that building a business, especially an offline one, is exceptionally challenging.

However, whilst I was learning how to make my own website for my waste business and learning how to promote it, I found out that there were people out there who actually made loads of money just by working at home online.

I knew that was something I had to do because it would fit so well with my own circumstances – it would allow me to stay home and see a lot more of my kids.

My inital attempts at creating an online business were, if anything, worse than my failed attempt to build a profitable offline hazardous waste business. The problem was that I was very trusting and gullible and believed a lot of the websites being promoted at the time which suggested that you could make a 7 figure income just by promoting an affiliate link for someone else's mlm program or matrix. This system didn't work for me – even a little bit. The result was no sales and several cancelled monthly automatic payments to various network marketing programs which I had no real idea how to promote effectively.

It took me a couple of years and a whole lot of money wasted on various ‘newbie trap' scams to figure out exactly where I was going wrong and what you need to create a small reliable income online, let alone the vast incomes the top earners in the online marketing industry were earning.

I am now at a stage where I have a scalable business model which I try to help other people to duplicate.

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